Global Brokering - Pacific Timber

Our brokerage team serve domestic and international markets.

The Pacific Timber Brokerage Division takes advantage of our extensive relationships in the industry to get you the best price for your lumber.

We’re consistent and loyal to our approach, which focuses on honesty and transparency with every exchange. With the Pacific Timber brand backing you, you’ll know what you’re getting, and you’ll know that you’ll be paid.
Our brokers are always in touch with the marketplace, allowing for accuracy and ease in getting our client’s products to the domestic and international markets.

Meet Our Brokers

Contact our team to help you find wood products that meet your unique requirements.

Allen Xu
Export Manager

Marcus Shalaby
Domestic Sales

Klaus Posselt

The brokerage team at Pacific Timber can provide you with any wood product that you might require, even if we don’t produce it at our sawmill facilities. We have a global network of suppliers that we work with to access products from other markets.

The Pacific Timber Advantage

Our size allows us to move fluidly, always adapting to the needs of the market and ensuring our clients come first. It also has allowed us to create a company culture that we’re extremely proud of: we work hard to ensure our employees feel like family, and we support the communities in which we work and live.

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