Burns Lake, BC Canada

We process salvaged beetle-killed pine, spruce and balsam logs into cants, tenoned blocking for oilfields, timbers for pipeline skidding and access mats.

We have fast turnover export over seas.

We have a large log yard full of dry wood, from the logging operations of Tahtsa Timber Ltd., with an abundant timber resource in the surrounding forrest districts based on long term tenures.


  • Well positioned in the heart of the beetle-kill pine forest, we have a abundance of long term log supply
  • High out-put modern equipment for precision and custom work industry standards
  • Experienced mill and processor operators
  • Quick turn around on B-train loads of cants
  • Prompt shipping to anywhere in BC, Alberta, or beyond including over seas
  • Capacity to produce +/- 100,000 fbm per day
  • Optimal utilization of timber resources gives us competitive pricing age
  • Same day quotes (even on custom orders)
  • All our timber products are milled from standing dry logs, making handling easier for our clients when manufactuing rig mats